Marketing Strategy For Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels offer a different and refreshing experience compared to what other chain hotels have to offer. It offers something different and unique which helps you get away from the monotony of the daily life. But only seasoned travelers have an idea about the difference between a boutique hotel and normal hotel. So it is important for the boutique hotels to target these type people with their marketing. Here are some tips to help you run your boutique hotel in Singapore .

1) Host social media get-togethers

Social media is the fastest way to spread any news, using it to your benefits can help you get a large outreach. Social media get-togethers help you to get acquainted with social media savvy people, who will spread it around if they get a good service and experience. This will lead to more social media events being held in your hotel more often leading to more people talking about it online. Thus the hotel can rent out rooms easily every time.

2) Getting repeat customers

Repeat customers are one of the primary sources of business for any hotel. So it is important to establish a loyalty rewards or bonus system to encourage repeat customers. Usually what a reward program does is to offer an incentive for using your services, for example: Stay 5 nights and get the 6th night absolutely free. These kinds of innovative and attractive offers can attract repeat customers. This helps your hotel get customers even if the prices are higher than the nearby hotels due to the money they’ll be saving with a free stay.

3) Shout out your deals

It is important to let the people know about your discounts and offers. People are always on the prowl for good deals, as they like the feeling when they think they saved some money. Post your offers on different websites and your social media platform. This can actually improve the customer growth. Go to some basic and popular websites people usually go to and pot the deals in it.

4) An emotional touch

Emotion is a delicate and powerful tool to get the customers’ loyalty. People travel everywhere and most of the time it is an emotional experience. If your hotel can add to that, then the customers will be very satisfied and comeback again. Moreover they would spread the word around which will improve the business reputation.

The Right Amount of Sleep for Your Preschooler Edited

The Right Amount of Sleep for Your Preschooler

Sleep is a very important factor to consider when thinking about the health and well-being of your preschooler. Lack of sleep causes even the most obedient child to be grumpy and irritated. It can also have an adverse effect on the child’s health if their body does not get enough rest. Each child will have a different amount of sleep time needed but on the whole around 12-14 hours of sleep is needed for the average preschooler. The amount of time spent sleeping by the child can be divided between the school and home.

Sleep time in school

Getting the whole 12-14 hours sleep at home is not really possible so Singapore’s preschools should have a special slot of time that is allotted for nap time. Naptime should be allotted around mid-day so that the child can rest after some time of play. It is also important for the child to know the difference between his/her body at rest and when active. There is a simple exercise for them to learn this. The teacher can get the children to feel and count their pulse after some time of games and activity and note it down. Counting of the pulse can be repeated after the children have had their nap time. The difference between both the pulse rates can be calculated and the child will learn the difference.

Sleep time at home

A majority of the amount of sleep needed should be completed at home. In today’s lifestyle, we tend to stay awake till late in the night either working on something or watching television. More often than not our children would refuse to sleep until we do. Due to this the child ends up not getting enough sleep before they go to school. To prevent this a strict bedtime should be decided for the child so that they know they have to get into bed. Story time can be a very innovative way of getting the children to sleep. Grab an interesting book of fairy tales or bedtime stories and read one to your child every night. This will help the child go to sleep and also get you to take out a few minutes of quality time to send with your child.

So, to ensure you have a happy and healthy child in your house, make sure they have adequate amount of sleep.

Popular Movies Having Lessons for Kids Edited

Popular Movies Having Lessons for Kids

For Singaporeans, education is the top priority. Most children start their education journey at the age of 2. Parents in Singapore child care centres are a big help in kick starting their children’s education. They wish for their children to be educated in all aspects and want their child care centre to do so in varying and proven ways. Sometimes good Singapore child care centres educate their children through new and innovate ways. One such way is through movies that carry a positive message for children to easily grasp. Such movies are listed below:

1. The Rescuers (1977) – this inspiring story of two brave mouse detectives who are part of the Rescue Aid Society is a classic tale of adventure. When a message in a bottle from girl named Penny ends up in the hands of the Rescue Aid Society, the two brave mice take it up on themselves to rescue those who need their help the most. This movie is extremely popular with children aged 6 and above.

2. The Goonies (1985) – this iconic movie finds an unexpected group of kids doing their best from getting their homes torn down. Upon stumbling on an old Spanish map, they set off on some great adventures as they hunt for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure. In the end the movie teaches children that friendship can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. Tweens love this movie.

3. Finding Nemo (2003) – this visual masterpiece delights both children and adult traving the journey of Marlin, the clownfish who has search for his stolen son, Nemo. This long journey for Nemo is extremely cute and funny. The movie is extremely popular with kids aged 5+.

4. Neverending story (1984) – adapted by Michael Ende’s 1979 novel, this story of a kid called Bastian who always gets bullied at school. However a new bookstore changes his life forever. Through unforgettable imagery and out of this world characters, this cult movie keeps your kids interested right to the end while teaching them the importance of reading.

5. Honey I shrunk the kids (1989) – this silly film is memorable in its own way. Following a scientist’s machine that shrinks objects and accidently shrinks his children and their friends, the adventure follows the kids through their new world as well as the father who needs to hunt them down before giant insects and sprinklers get the better of them.