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The Joan Miro Museum

Inside the Joan Miro Museum

Visited the Joan Miro Museum. Very modern.

I found Miro´s use of spatial intensity appealing and intriguing. He clearly has a mastery of infantile drawing and a love of rich color and 2 dimensional depth. Miro´s imagination transcends his cocktail napkin and #2b pencil to elegantly transport us to a time of finger painting, smocks, naps and chocolate milk on fridays. The exhibition is a whimsical romp through a magical world of bollocks.

I must say, some of it was good….but i struggle with a blank canvas and one dot painted on it. Was he just feeling really lazy that day? Under a deadline or what? What is more amusing is the guy standing in front of the canvas with the dot intensely staring thinking to himself, ¨ the position of the dot signifies Miro´struggle, as with all men, to find his place in the world and the blank canvas is a commentary on the emptiness of reality.¨ Miro is laughing all the way to the bank…..

I much preferred the Picasso Museum in the morning. Really awesome.

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My Mediterranean Visit


It was with great sadness that I left Ibiza. I stayed much longer than i had planned….but why leave when you are in heaven. Had a couple more incredible days at Particular beach and great nights at Pacha. The beauty of Ibiza is any night or club you will experience the best music and DJ´s in the world. I ferried to Mallorca for a couple of days. Mallora is very beautiful and has a more extreme geography than Ibiza. More Mountainous. Stayed in a cute little village and toured the whole island in a car. You must have a car in Mallorca.

I have begun to talk to myself. Traveling alone you go a bit crazy. However, my ventriloquist abilities are coming in handy. I honed them the last couple of years while singing in my car without looking like an idiot. I got quite good. It’s not easy to sing ¨Let me see that thong” by Cisco without moving your lips. Or try, ¨Rocket Man¨ by Elton. Not easy, people.

However, every now and again someone catches me talking to myself and they think I am crazy. So to really have some fun. I start grabbing at my neck violently and start brushing my arms and yell , ¨SNAKES; SNAKES, SPIDERS, SPIDERS!!!¨. this usually clears a few seats on the subway which is nice.

Then it was off to Barcelona. I arrived on a Saturday night and there was little or no accommodation available. I simply checked my bags, changed into my out clothes out headed out on the town assuming I´d get some accommodation at 7am the next morning. Excellent dinner. Tapas rule. Barcelona is a beautiful city with a lot of great energy and excitement. The architecture is amazing. Particularly the stuff by Gaudi (Some of it is a bit gawdy but very original!) Did a tour of Palau Gruell, which Gaudi was commissioned to design. Gaudi liked to break out of traditional architectural constraints and experiment. Really innovative stuff, for example, he used wooden bricks where the carriages are brought in. This reduced noise over regular bricks. Just finished the book ¨losing my virginity¨ by Richard Branson. Branson, like Gaudi dares to be different. Great book and I recommend it. I particularly like Branson´s view that business is a creative outlet and less of a science.

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