New York Visit

Dear Friends,

I haven’t written an update in a while but I have to share some new music with you. Most would have expected my last update to be some outrageous, insane story from Burning Man 2003. It was outrageous. It was insane. It was beautiful. Black Rock City is always one of the most incredible places on earth.

Doing this has left me with too little time to document and write about my Burning Man this year. Also, another thing happened. My experience was simply “eclipsed” by a deeper, more spiritual journey. Knowing my love of burning man, this is saying a lot. This journey is a trip about Music, Art, Technology, Friendship and Love. This is a multimedia experience I’d like to share. Music. Stories and Pictures. Mostly, I am extremely excited to share some new music! Woah. Wait till you hear this. The music is the important part but I don’t think I can share it without explaining some of the surrounding story for those who are interested.

NYC photo gallery

It was to all begin with a special night @ Candelas in San Diego. I headed down to SD on a Saturday afternoon in the typical LA traffic. Tonight Casey Goto and Hugh were spinning @ Candelas.. This combo always proves to be awesome and this night was no different. The many times I’ve spent time with Casey And Hugh have ended up being deep and meaningful musical excursions. Sometimes with many others, sometimes just the three of us playing records all day at someone’s house…… Perhaps it was the imminent NYC trip which was generating so much electricity. When I say Imminent, I mean it. Two hours after Candelas closes we were leaving San Diego @ 4am bound for Long Beach Airport. So the excitement was building. Candelas went off and Casey and Hugh had their hands in the air more than once in the evening. Great night!!


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We headed back to Terry’s for the after party. More music in the T Dome of Techno. more fun. Finally we leap into a car and we’re off.

We rendezvous at Long Beach Airport. This trip was arranged by Hugo in celebration of his birthday. Which, coincidentally, is Sara Storrie’s b day as well.

The people at the airport this morning:
Wai 2 Cool
Casey Goto
Chris Renzulli

It was sure to be a fantastic time. These are some of my closest friends and some of the most independently, drama free “fun-atics” I know. Oh boy. Why NYC? Well, one reason: it’s one of the biggest homes of electronic music, house and disco. Because it’s one of the most high energy environments on the planet. Because we all love it. Because it’s NYC.

It was surreal standing at the airport at 6am with these people. We all made it. Some coming from LA, SD. But it wasn’t to be missed. I say cheerio to everyone as my row is called and expect to see everyone on the other side. In NY. After some much needed sleep.

We boarded the plane and I find my seat: 14A.

Next thing, Sara sits down in 14C and I’m shocked. We booked out tickets completely separately….What are the odds. Plus, no one is sitting between us. Party ensues. The flight attendants took one look at us and made our cocktails doubles…… and it was a FUN flight! The seats were not in the locked and upright position and our tray tables were not stowed! Best ever.

With a quick touchdown we see a sign: “Loft Party”. Limo!

Limo Party ensues…….we pop out of the Lincoln tunnel and we are here. In the city. It’s a beautiful day and we are all amp’d. A quick stop at our hotel. We are staying at the at an ol’ skool hotel right on central park. super great rates and park views. 2 suites. Jason catches up with us. NYC means so much to me and over the years I’ve been on countless trips. I had no idea how special this trip would be.

We get to the hotel and quickly shower, change and head off the Loft. It takes a train or two to get our bearing as 7 of us run up the stairs from the subway to the street Chris screams: Warriors, come out and play! It was soo funny and still puts a smile on my face! Finally we get downtown. A quick Huddle. hug and it’s on.

David Mancuso’s Loft:

From the outside. A large, nondescript door…. With 3 lonely balloons taped up. Inside. A staircase, the little rascals…… Then, the huge, warm dance party. Hundreds of balloons. Hundreds of people. Dancing. Children. Food, Drinks and Smiles. Hanging high above the dance floor is the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen!! Mancuso behind turntables set up at eye level sitting on 50+ cinder blocks. His unruly hair in silhouette. Only a small flashlight bouncing around looking for the next record.

David has been throwing parties since the 70’s. What impresses me about David is his dedication to NEW music. And classics. To sound and technology. To fun and love.

For more on Mancuso you can read this interview at Or check out the bio by Steven Harvey
Looking at the giant disco ball we ponder: Wow. What would happen if the disco ball fell?? I figure, Hey, what a great way to go. Killed by a giant disco ball @ a dance party. There are worse things in the world.

At one point I’m in the middle of the dance floor with Hugh. He turns to me and says: this is “YOUR SONG”. – Mancuso is playing “Star Child”. By Level 42. This is a track from 1981. Early electronic music!

There’s cowbell. Triangle. It’s techie. “Underwater organ or space keyboard”. And a beautiful message. I love it.

It was an amazing night! I head back to the hotel exhausted…plus I have to work Monday.

Monday I was working most of the day. But Monday Night, was DeepSpace!!!!

I was already very familiar with François K thanks to Casey and Hugo exposing him to me. . But I was incredibly excited to experience him live. Deep Space is held at Cielo. A small, intimate and spacey club in the meat packing district. Lots of warm orange glow powered by deep, spacey dub!

Deep Space NYC

FK is one of the most competent, technically proficient, and experimental DJ’s I’ve heard. He goes anywhere. Everywhere. But always deep, and clean and interesting. He puts everything he has into his art. And you can feel it.

As many know….I love all that is Spacey and Techy so I was in “heaven”!!! 😉

At any moment I could look around the dance floor. My 6 friends on the dancefloor, also in heaven.
The dance floor goes off and the people here on a Monday night know why they came and don’t’ stop for a minute. My friend Sam joined us as he’s now working in NYC now. (We worked together @ Shift in New Zealand)

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

When I was 12 years old I collected about 10 Hendrix records. (The first vinyl I ever purchased!) I didn’t know why. I was 12. I didn’t’ really even have a place to play them. Sure we had a record player…..but I was more into Pac Man at the time……. I never really did play them. I was collecting them. Over the years I listened to tons of Jimi. Just not these records. I was simply drawn to this artist. To the music. To the art. Just remember searching for them in Wellington. I found more @ Virgin Records in Sydney. And bought em. The reality was, I’d prefer to have a record than tape, because it was the same music, but more artwork. Most importantly…..A bigger picture of Jimi. These records were carried with me from NZ to Atlanta, to Athens, to San Diego and …..I finally put a needle on the records in my apt in Los Angeles in 2003.

A quote from Jimi on his own views on life, death and eternity –
“both worlds, the present material world which we are all now in, and the eternal spiritual world, which is the only world where eternal life and total happiness are possible do exist.”
“The one, was as real as the other, and as long as you do not live according to the ways of the god-like planet of supreme wisdom, you will suffer death and life in that order, and be reincarnated until you live in such a way to be accepted as spirits of eternity.

There is in our material world a planet of superior material wisdom that possesses all knowledge possible in this material world as you know it. It is possible for science to advance to such a stage that it possesses part of the material knowledge of this supreme planet of material wisdom.

But since, by predestination, the material worlds are destroyed periodically, it is doubtful that even with sciences rapid advances in technology that they can obtain enough knowledge to reach or even communication with, this planet of supreme material wisdom before man’s greed and his other inadequacies cause him to destroy himself, thereby necessitating the material world to begin again as it has done so many times in the past.

The materialistic planet of supreme wisdom is staffed by people not unlike people of your world but possessing all knowledge possible in the material world. Messengers from the spiritual world are sent periodically to the material world to guide them in their wisdom.”

One night back in Hollywood recently I’m walking with Hugh to see Little Louie Vega at Deep LA. (party by Marques Wyatt). Hugh, knowing my fascination with Jimi, says: “hey, there’s jimi’s star. It’s practically the first star on Hollywood blvd from your house!” I was thinking. What’ really amazing. Is that I never knew that, and that Hugh is, coincidentally, the one pointing it out to me. Woah.

A little more on Jimi. At 15, I once was digging through the garage in Atlanta and found an amazing book on Jimi by Curtis Knight written in 1974, published on Fourth Avenue, NYC. I wound up not reading it until much later in life when I was in Europe in 2001. Don’t know why I put it on a shelf for so long…but I did. I later would take it with my on my world tour to read. I loved it….and I immediately sent it to Hugh from London. He then gave it to Sara Storrie to read. the book finally wound it’s way back to me to pull these quotes for this update.

Where’s it going next? back to NYC!! I’m sending it to Matt. Wai, Hugh, Matt and I shared an amazing thanksgiving morning with Jimi Hendrix in central focus and bigger than life. it was out of this world and Jimi provided a helping hand to us all.

Curtis Knight met Jimi in New York City and actually gave Jimi an electric guitar because he didn’t have one at the time.

Jimi was an electronic music pioneer. Dedicated to creating new sounds. Sounds never heard by humans. Man made, artificial sounds. People said Jimi made “space music”. That he was a spirit sent from outer space. I don’t know. But he was ahead of his time. Electric Lady was his dream studio which he made a reality. Many claim the title…but for me, Jimi is the original godfather of electronic music.

Curtis Knight believed that Jimi Hendrix was a messenger from the spiritual world.

From Curtis: “Throughout history, there have been many prophets – saints and other divinely guided men. Who communicated using the ways prescribed by the times. Some were believed in, some killed through mans profound ignorance, and man’s fear of the unknown. Jimi Hendrix was loved and respected for his contribution to the world of music. But his real purpose has not been understood.

His message is in the lyrics of his songs and where his music takes you.

I used to think that techie noises were alien. Or from “out of this world”. I realize now, they aren’t. They are sounds we are making. Man made. That will probably, one day in the distant future, be heard somewhere else. Out of this world. And sound very “Alien”.

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The Joan Miro Museum

Inside the Joan Miro Museum

Visited the Joan Miro Museum. Very modern.

I found Miro´s use of spatial intensity appealing and intriguing. He clearly has a mastery of infantile drawing and a love of rich color and 2 dimensional depth. Miro´s imagination transcends his cocktail napkin and #2b pencil to elegantly transport us to a time of finger painting, smocks, naps and chocolate milk on fridays. The exhibition is a whimsical romp through a magical world of bollocks.

I must say, some of it was good….but i struggle with a blank canvas and one dot painted on it. Was he just feeling really lazy that day? Under a deadline or what? What is more amusing is the guy standing in front of the canvas with the dot intensely staring thinking to himself, ¨ the position of the dot signifies Miro´struggle, as with all men, to find his place in the world and the blank canvas is a commentary on the emptiness of reality.¨ Miro is laughing all the way to the bank…..

I much preferred the Picasso Museum in the morning. Really awesome.

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My Mediterranean Visit


It was with great sadness that I left Ibiza. I stayed much longer than i had planned….but why leave when you are in heaven. Had a couple more incredible days at Particular beach and great nights at Pacha. The beauty of Ibiza is any night or club you will experience the best music and DJ´s in the world. I ferried to Mallorca for a couple of days. Mallora is very beautiful and has a more extreme geography than Ibiza. More Mountainous. Stayed in a cute little village and toured the whole island in a car. You must have a car in Mallorca.

I have begun to talk to myself. Traveling alone you go a bit crazy. However, my ventriloquist abilities are coming in handy. I honed them the last couple of years while singing in my car without looking like an idiot. I got quite good. It’s not easy to sing ¨Let me see that thong” by Cisco without moving your lips. Or try, ¨Rocket Man¨ by Elton. Not easy, people.

However, every now and again someone catches me talking to myself and they think I am crazy. So to really have some fun. I start grabbing at my neck violently and start brushing my arms and yell , ¨SNAKES; SNAKES, SPIDERS, SPIDERS!!!¨. this usually clears a few seats on the subway which is nice.

Then it was off to Barcelona. I arrived on a Saturday night and there was little or no accommodation available. I simply checked my bags, changed into my out clothes out headed out on the town assuming I´d get some accommodation at 7am the next morning. Excellent dinner. Tapas rule. Barcelona is a beautiful city with a lot of great energy and excitement. The architecture is amazing. Particularly the stuff by Gaudi (Some of it is a bit gawdy but very original!) Did a tour of Palau Gruell, which Gaudi was commissioned to design. Gaudi liked to break out of traditional architectural constraints and experiment. Really innovative stuff, for example, he used wooden bricks where the carriages are brought in. This reduced noise over regular bricks. Just finished the book ¨losing my virginity¨ by Richard Branson. Branson, like Gaudi dares to be different. Great book and I recommend it. I particularly like Branson´s view that business is a creative outlet and less of a science.

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